Choosing a cosmetic

The beauty market is very broad. Surely you've ever walked through a cosmetics store and you've seen the shelves full of products for any type of prob...

Choosing the best hair brush

Choosing the best hair brush

I do not know you but the brush is one of those things that do not usually make too much, I'll settle for anyone who is well priced and not worry if i...

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Choosing a winter coat?

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how to buy diamond jewellery

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How to choose a yoga mat

Yoga is a form of meditation that involves stretching and deep breathing. The popularity of Yoga has been growing in recent years, with a la...


winter coat

Choosing a winter coat?

If you live in places with frequent freezing temperatures, you'll want to choose a winter coat with good insulation. If you are looking for ...

Gift Ideas

Galaxy Note 10.1 2014

Best tablets for gifts at Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, there is no doubt that many of us will be busy these days with shopping and no longer as more and mor...

Galaxy Tab 10.5 vs Xperia S Tablet Z2: comparative

A new high-end tablet Samsung has just hit stores and confronts it when its main rivals, how it could be otherwise, arrives. Now we show after presentation of a comparative specs between the Galaxy S Tab 10.5 and the iPad Air 2, and today it is the turn of one of its main competitors in Android without doubt another of the most interesting tablets have been submitted this year: the Xperia Z2 Tablet from Sony.


Although both find abundance of angular lines, you can see clear differences in the front, with a substantially narrower in the case of the tablet marks Samsung, although it can be considered that a 10 inch tablet having nip can be almost more important than maximizing the screen ratio. With respect to materials, in any case, in both cases with housings we plastic, although with somewhat different finishes. Yes that is a bonus tablet Sony’s resistance to water and dust, while the S Galaxy Tab 10.5 has meanwhile Reader fingerprints.

galaxy tab 10.5


Despite the great work done by Samsung when minimizing the weight and thickness of the tablet, the Xperia Tablet Z2 remains a difficult opponent to beat in this section, which once again is victorious with 426 gram weight (versus 465 grams ) and 6.4 mm thick (as compared to 6.6 mm ). Admittedly, however, the Galaxy S Tab 10.5 is really beat it around and the differences are minimal. Tablet Sony is, however, somewhat larger (26.6 x 17.2 cm versus 24.73 cm x 17.73 cm). Read more

How to choose a yoga mat

Yoga is a form of meditation that involves stretching and deep breathing. The popularity of Yoga has been growing in recent years, with a large number of people to recognize the benefits of practicing Yoga for health and general well-being, instilling in your daily routine this type of activity. The only tool you need to start practicing yoga is the yoga mat perfect.

However, choosing Yoga mat most appropriate is not always easy given the huge supply of this type of rugs on the market. There are many things to consider when choosing the most appropriate yoga mat for you, so get to know some of these important criteria.

choosing a yoga mat

How to choose

To choose the ideal yoga mat must take into account the measures of the practitioner. Note that the carpet should be the size of the person who will use and that neither the head nor the feet should be flat on the floor so that the practice of the activity does not become uncomfortable or cause injury. Read more

The image of the iPhone 6 Closest to as might actually

Gradually, through the different rumors going further refining shooting and skillful designers bring us down and if it could be the end would look like the new iPhone 6, met in the rear, instead of the unsightly lines that have shown the models, would be a piece of sapphire crystal.

In recent days we have seen the mystery of why the drawings and models from them, that had been carrying the iPhone 6 in the housing unveiled a f eas and unsightly lines on its back cover. Far from being an element that will remain in the final design, fortunately, if meaning was no other than to note the space in which Apple plans to equip the iPhone 6 a few pieces of glass, similar to plastic included in iPhone 5 / 5s.

iPhone 6 closet

Thus, although it has to wait a little, we have the first concept and one of the most impressive and attractive we’ve seen how would be the final look of the iPhone 6 Apple picking up the last of the rumors made about the device. Read more

Choosing a cosmetic

The beauty market is very broad. Surely you’ve ever walked through a cosmetics store and you’ve seen the shelves full of products for any type of problem. Choosing the right cosmetics can be quite an ordeal and a waste of time if you do not know well what you want.

First you must get to know your skin type. If not known, logically you cannot find the right products for your face or body. Note that cosmetic ingredients vary depending on whether the skin is oily, normal, combination or tends to be dry. If you choose a suitable cosmetic for your skin type, the chances that the effect is greater are much higher.

cosmetic buying ideas

Meet the needs

What type of product you need? Do not buy a cosmetic to have one, you have to have a clear need, that will also help you choose a good product. Maybe your skin is aging or lack of hydration or whatever you want to fight stains that have failed to appear because of other external factors. In cosmetics stores find products on all of these needs, you just have to find yours. Read more

HP Slate6 VoiceTab, new economic phablet from 249 euros

HP returns to the smartphone market, specifically with phablet, the Slate 6 VoiceTab a DualSIM device with 6-inch screen and 720p quality, dual core processor at 1.2 GHz and 1 GB RAM. A basic device also comes with a price to match, from 249 euros.

Presented in a while, makes its debut in the Spanish market phablet HP Slate 6 VoiceTab. This device focuses on the most basic range of this segment, as evidence that the price of 249 euros for a terminal with a 6-inch screen and 1280 x 720 resolution, which gives a density of 245 dots per inch.

hp slate6 voicetab

Inside features a dual-core 1.2 Ghz processor along with 1 GB of RAM on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, upgradable to Android 4.4 KitKat. It offers 16 GB for file storage capacity to supplement it with microSD cards up to 64 GB. Complete technical specifications 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash along with a front 2 MP. Read more

The new Nokia X2 and is priceless in Europe: 139 euros

Just a week ago today, on 24 June, Nokia announced the second generation of his family of smartphones with Android, Nokia X2. Finally Microsoft left this project unleash the Finns began shortly before the sale is confirmed, and in principle, was a disagreement between them. Now the price has been known to have the terminal on arrival in Europe, 139 euros, finally a little higher than expected but still interesting.

Since we have co- AndroidAyuda , Microsoft manages an idea around the range Nokia X. An idea a few months ago did not seem entirely feasible but after the good feelings of the first generation of Android smartphones seem to be doing and it is none other than replace the role played by the Asha.

new nokia x2

The feeling is that they have found the key to convince those who liked the look of Windows but did not want to make the leap by other factors, such as reduced availability of applications, thanks to AOSP and interface that emulates that found in the Windows devices. Read more

The image of a new Galaxy S5 electric blue filtered

Surely if we were to take stock of the models of smartphones, ‘phablets’ and tablets that Samsung is able to throw in a year, alucinaríamos his enormous capacity for innovation?? But if we add to that number in all variants colors and even hardware, as the account would never end. And something is wrong with the Galaxy S5.

The flagship of the Korean has appeared in a new sponsored by @ evleaks, which published a picture of Samsung mobile with an all-blue filter. Both the back and in the front which is where, really, the big change occurs with respect to what we had so far in stores.

galaxy s5 electric blue

And to remember that although the Galaxy S5 went on sale on April 11, until few dates did not get a couple of ‘end caps’ extra gold and blue (Vodafone distributed it in black / gold exclusively from ‘day one’) that you can buy separately. Read more

There are new images of the Galaxy F in gold

The leaks of images of the rumored smartphone of ultra-high-end Samsung, the Galaxy F, do not stop and leave us this time the opportunity to discover their appearance in a new tone, of course, could not be other than gold , the color as the iPhone 5S became so fashionable. We show the images.

One might have thought that the official launch of Galaxy S5 LTE-A put an end to the rumors around a premium version of the Galaxy S5 , since its characteristics coincide quite well with what was expected of such a version. However, we soon discover that this new model would not leave South Korea while on the other hand, the leaks to the Galaxy F continue.

galaxy f

The Galaxy F would have left view and also in gold

Of course, there are the first leaks of images of this smartphone have been circulating but first we had been shown only in white / silver and black. To compensate for the delay, however, the model pictures gold have survived in duplicate in a we can take a look at the back cover (the part itself golden phone) while on the other we see only the front but can observe completely. Note that the date that appears on the screen may not be this year (September 12 is Friday, not Wednesday), but the source of the leak is again evleaks, you already know that is usually pretty reliable. Read more

The Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A not come to Europe

Yesterday we woke to the news, Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A was officially confirmed. As had been called the Samsung Galaxy Prime S5 this version was presented in South Korea, a country of origin of the company, where it will be available later this month of July.

Today has been known that among Samsung plans to launch this terminal is the global market and will be exclusive to Korean users, which will be the only ones who will enjoy the new QHD screen or the power of 805 Snapdragon processor.

samsung galaxy s5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A, comes with several important new features from the original model that was presented in February. Although its design remains exactly the same, keeps the fingerprint reader and resistance to water and dust, with this version get ahead in the race they have with other Android manufacturers. Read more

It is confirmed that the Meizu MX4 come with qHD and LTE

Two screenshots attributed to Meizu MX4, from one of the most anticipated Chinese manufacturers terminals, confirm two of its most interesting attributes, 2K or QHD screen and LTE connectivity networks not only Chinese but also compatible with the rest of the world.

Among the myriad Chinese automakers Meizu terminals alongside Xiaomi and Oppo, is one of the top brands and the most anticipated devices. With a successful Meizy MX3, both within and outside the borders of China by imports, the eyes are on his next release was expected to be submitted in May but remains unknown.

meizu mx4

We talked about the Meizu MX4 than through two separate snapshots of the social network Weibo have dropped two of their main characteristics, the quality of your screen and connectivity. In the first case we find a display that will reach 2K, or what is the same, one QHD screen like the LG though still with a diagonal determined, but is estimated to be, also, the 5.5-inch a 15:9 ratio. Read more